Energy has become an
indispensible part of daily life

Compass is specialist in:
> operationally secure networks
> future-proof smart grids
> state-of-the-art connections
> high- and mid-voltage

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Communication is developing
at a rapid pace

Compass is specialist in:
> made-to-measure fibre optic techniques
> outside the box solutions
> quality as opposed to quantity
> future-oriented optic design

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Both people and products are
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> dynamic traffic management
> electro-mechanical systems (E&M)
> Tunnel Technical Installation (TTI)

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Fibre optics weir

22 May 2014

Compass designs and realizes the fibre optic connector of the weir ensemble on the government network

Weir Ensemble remotely controlled
Compass provides the design and construction of the fibre network between the weir complexes Hagestein, Amerongen and Driel. The knowledge of Compass about the fibre network of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment ensures that Compass achieves the most efficient route in terms of costs, planning and material.

Using this fibre network the Ministry ensures that the weirs at Driel , Amerongen and Hagestein can be operated in the future from a central location The remote operation of the weir ensemble provides a more efficient use of staff.

Route study and design
Before the execution, Compass did a study to achieve the optimal route to the nearest main roads. With that conclusion it was best to connct the weir to the existing fibre connections along the A27 and the weir at Driel on the connections along the A50. The weir at Amerongen will be opened along the Amsterdam-Rijn canal towards the Prins Bernardsluizen (locks) along the new A15 which connects to the Deil.

In the design of the route environment management was a central theme. Compass used the knowledge about route in which multiple landowners are involved. Meanwhile, all permits around. The issues surrounding ecology and archeology are aligned and Compass started execution.

Function weir ensemble
The weir ensemble Nederrijn and Lek contributes by regulating the water level in enough drinking water in the Netherlands and a smooth and safe shipping.

The ensemble consists of three weir complexes in the Nederrijn and Lek: at Hagestein, Amerongen and Driel . With these weirs the ministry carries out the following tasks in water management;

• regulating the waterlevel for good navigability of the big rivers;

• to ensure a smooth and safe navigation on the Nederrijn and Lek;

• to ensure enough freshwater inter alia the IJsselmeer , the largest freshwater basin in the Netherlands.

Read more about the renovation on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.