Energy has become an
indispensible part of daily life

Compass is specialist in:
> operationally secure networks
> future-proof smart grids
> state-of-the-art connections
> high- and mid-voltage

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Communication is developing
at a rapid pace

Compass is specialist in:
> made-to-measure fibre optic techniques
> outside the box solutions
> quality as opposed to quantity
> future-oriented optic design

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Both people and products are
becoming increasingly mobile

Compass is specialist in:
> dynamic traffic management
> electro-mechanical systems (E&M)
> Tunnel Technical Installation (TTI)

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London Bridge Station 132kV, 22kV, 11kV and Fibre Project

Scope: Client required the design, licenses, testing and commissioning of 2 132kV power circuits, 2 22kV power circuits, 4 11kV power circuit with fibres from an existing route to divert to a new route and reconnect at a later point to enable the supply of power and connections to London Bridge Station and a surrounding area, including prestigious clients such as the Mayor of London, the London Dungeons and the Hilton Hotel.

Compass began the project by reviewing the existing agreements and systems in place to ensure that the new section of trench, ducts and cables were costed correctly for all the involved third parties. From this point the negotiations were put in place for the development of a design and fixed costs calculated.

This project involved working alongside other gas, water, rail and sewerage contractors at the same time in a small highly utility congested area. In some areas existing redundant equipment was removed to install new.

The route passed through a 200m long tunnel in a specifically designed formation. To complete the works Compass’s specific specialist equipment was used to install the cable safely and on time, within budget.