Energy has become an
indispensible part of daily life

Compass is specialist in:
> operationally secure networks
> future-proof smart grids
> state-of-the-art connections
> high- and mid-voltage

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Communication is developing
at a rapid pace

Compass is specialist in:
> made-to-measure fibre optic techniques
> outside the box solutions
> quality as opposed to quantity
> future-oriented optic design

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Both people and products are
becoming increasingly mobile

Compass is specialist in:
> dynamic traffic management
> electro-mechanical systems (E&M)
> Tunnel Technical Installation (TTI)

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Compass develops own training Fibre Optic

1 January 2014

Compass has developed its own fibre optic training!
Croon have commissioned Compass to reconfigure the fibre network to the Maasvlakte in the Rotterdam World Gateway. As a specialist in complex communication networks, we also search for specific customized solutions. In this case to achieve this, we are investing in our employees with additional theory and experience in the field of Mechanic Fibre Technics.

Therefore Compass are developing specific fibreglass Training for our own personnel. The fibre optic training is to be delivered as part of on the job training. The fibreglass measurement specialist technician provides this training following the specially developed education plan for the necessary theory. This training forms an additional part of the education and training that a fibre optic technician undertakes to maintain their certification. So not only does the technician obtain a certificate, but the training ensures that the employee receives additional professional experience and guidance. This is a key part of our ambition to be a market leader.