Compass and Dura Vermeer Urban Miner are tackling this together. On the circular construction hub in ‘s-Gravendeel (the Netherlands), there are pylons and luminaires that Compass harvested from a replacement assignment on the A16, N57 and N59. The reuse of pylons and luminaires ensures that we use less primary raw materials and it provides a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. A successful initiative with which we show that the Climate Objectives 2030 are achievable, also in the infrastructure.

Dura Vermeer Urban Miner is a unique circular construction hub that focuses on closing the chains for both construction and civil engineering activities. Opportunities, innovations, and solutions in the areas of sustainability and digitalization are continuously being researched. Customers increasingly demand the reuse and re-application of raw materials and resources. Ultimately, we all want to do our bit for a better future.

Sandra van der Lee, Circular Manager of Dura Vermeer Urban Miner: “New, successful partnerships are needed to kick-start the circular transition. Every man for himself and reinventing the wheel does not fit in these times. The collaboration between Compass, In2Waste and Dura Vermeer is a good example of this.”

Dura Vermeer and Compass
Compass harvested more than 80 lighting columns and luminaires from, among others, the A16. The columns are being removed more carefully so that they remain suitable for reuse. More attention has also been paid to transport. If you opt for reuse, it is important that the objects (continue to) meet the requirements. And Compass knows better than anyone else the requirements that a client such as the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management imposes on public lighting. The lighting columns and fittings are then stored and upcycled at the Dura Vermeer Urban Miner logistics hub. The aluminium is treated and the luminaires are provided with a new interior with LED lighting.

The cooperation between Compass and Dura Vermeer is pleasant and hands-on. We complement each other well, dare to pioneer, have a large network together,” says Roel Reijgersberg of Compass. “Both parties realise that pioneering is part of it. There are more questions than answers, and you should certainly not be discouraged. It is not a quick fix, this transition is one for the long haul. And more and more parties are realising that.

Sandra van der Lee, Circular Manager at Dura Vermeer Urban Miner: “The circular lighting column does not stop at upcycling and retrofitting, but has many more possibilities. Think of sensor technology or the use of renewable sources. Dura Vermeer is a family business and it would therefore be crazy for us not to consider future generations in our work. We have been talking about themes such as the circular economy for a number of years, but now it is really time to start doing so.”