Compass, your experienced partner in infrastructure

Compass is the professional, dedicated partner for all your energy, communication and ITS requirements for your network and infrastructure projects. At every phase of your project you will be able to draw on our high levels of expertise and experience in everything from design and acquisition to construction and maintenance.

The Compass Approach

  • interaction, insight and anticipation in planning your project from the very start
  • a thorough understanding of the objectives and requirements attached to your project
  • acquisition of all required materials, including electro-technical equipment and their set-up and maintenance
  • up-to-date expertise and experience in system engineering, system-oriented contract management, stakeholder and environment management and SHEQ
  • a way of thinking and working in which precision, quality, inventiveness, health, safety and sustainability are the key elements
  • Early involvement

    We like to be involved from the very first phase of your project, so that we are immediately familiar with your objectives, your specific requirements and the conditions attached to achieving the best result. That makes it possible for us to contribute real added value. Early involvement is the key to high quality, excellent safety levels and maximum effort. This is the only way in which we can prove the ideal project partner. Your connection, our commitment!

    ​Trouble-free, high quality and a successful track record

    Looking for the perfect project partner for the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and networks? A partner that can ensure a trouble-free process and guarantee high levels of quality, safety and dedication? Compass lead the way towards successful completion of your project.

    Our work ethic

    Health, safety and quality – the basic ingredients Compass is continually working to safeguard and improve safety, health, environment and quality of people. We want to be amongst the leaders in environmentally-friendly enterprise: that’s why we’re active members of “CSR Netherlands”. We externally audit our processes and procedures and ensure this commitment by:

  • Being fully accredited and certified to OHSAS 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, VCA-P and CKB.
  • Certified Construction Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)
  • Achilles UVBD registered and verified.
  • Lloyds Register NERS scheme fully accredited, up to and including 132kV.
  • A member of RoSPA and a Silver Award winner.
  • Associate member of Njug.
  • A member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.
  • A member of the City of London Considerate Contractor Streetworks Scheme.
  • International leader in our field

    Compass views the advancement of maximum levels of safety, the protection of people, the environment and quality, as one continuous process. A process that remains central to the activities of our staff and our partners. It also serves to establish us as one of the leading players in our field of expertise at the international level. We apply a unique vision to our work and an individual approach to our projects through our corporate programme ‘I’ In our corporate programme ‘I’ safety of people, quality of work and commitment to success are paramount;

  • Safety: I work safely or I don’t work at all
  • Quality: I say what I do and I do what I say
  • Commitment: I contribute to the success of the project
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Focused on people, sustainability and long-term success. Compass is fully committed to finding sustainable solutions for clients and establishing long-term relationships with its clients, partners and other stakeholders associated with its projects. We see sustainable innovation and cooperation as essential preconditions for both your and our own long-term success. We are committed to :

  • people both within and outside of every project
  • being environmentally conscious in every project
  • the long-term success and genuine sustainability of all our projects
  • innovation as a precondition for long-term success
  • Committed to self-development

    ​Compass shall continually improve the effectiveness of our products and services. We will achieve this through learning and development of our organisation. A sense of drive and high levels of dedication and quality are the pillars that support this aim, and corporate objectives and personal ambitions work together to make it a reality.