Innovative power

Within our core activities, our innovative power focuses on the world ...


Innovative power

Within our core activities, our innovative power focuses on the world of tomorrow. The development of sensors based on fiber optic technology, ensures increasingly better data. The application options appear to be unlimited. The energy market is turned upside down, thanks to local generation and / or storage of energy, new technology and changing consumer behavior. And the world of (intelligent) traffic systems is full of innovation.

To prepare Compass for tomorrow, we are constantly entering into new relationships that introduce us to new markets and technologies. Customers, suppliers, educational institutions, students, charities and new employees; they all offer us opportunities to become better and more innovative. We have patents on our fiber optic sensors. Implemented in our communications activities these make for innovative systems. Asset management starts with reliable data. Based on our knowledge of fiber optic communications networks, Compass has been developing sensor concepts since 2016 such as the intelligent flange with which the pressure in a connection is measured. But also a sensor for the height measurement of stored liquid. The possibilities of these sensors are endless. The expansion of steel, acceleration of an object, density of a liquid, the position (angular rotation), vibrations and more. The monitoring of assets starts with controllable sensors that perform highly accurate measurements.

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'Asset monitoring cannot do without sensors that generate reliable data.'

Ruben van Ardenne, Strategy I Innovation

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The world around us is changing fast. Technological and economic developments demand that companies deliver a continuous high quality of work and, at the same time, adapt quickly to the market.


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Asset management starts with reliable data

Asset management starts with reliable data.


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