Human Power Team

This year the Human Power Team is working with us for the first time. During the race of the Human Power Team, their athletes provide a lot of power to reach speeds above 121.8 km/hour.


<br> With the help of the Compass sensors, they measure the distortion on the front fork and the seat caused by these forces. Never before have they measured data at these locations: that is why the collaboration provides the Human Power Team with important information that will be processed in the coming designs. For example, they can validate the FEM models and make the front fork, one of the heaviest parts of the bicycle, lighter. <br> <br>

The Human Power Team is a Dream Team with excellent students from Delft University of Technology and VU University Amsterdam. Their goal is to push the limits of human capacities and to break the human-driven speed record. To achieve this, select, train and coach are their own athletes who race in a VeloX. This is an aerodynamic recumbent bike, designed and built by the Human Power Team.