Energy has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

This means secure networks and future-proof smart grids using smart meters, building automation and state-of-the-art connections that are compatible with the latest developments in sustainable energy generation and use. This is an extremely important consideration when choosing the right partner for the design, construction and maintenance of your energy infrastructure. Compass is that partner – a reliable industry leader.

Smart and precise
Compass carries out the construction and/or redesign of your energy networks in a smart and precise manner. Our strength lies in early involvement: close cooperation and thorough understanding of your requirements from the earliest stages of your project.

Choose Compass and you will gain a partner in energy that

  • is highly experienced in energy project management
  • is comfortable and confident in both rural and in urban environments, domestically and internationally
  • guarantees a high level of Quality
  • maintains a “Goal Zero” policy to Health and Safety
  • uses only state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Such as trenchless cable installation. Trenches cable installing is a type of subsurface construction work that requires few trenches or no continuous trenches. The technology implies the cable laying, cable ploughing and HDD (Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for cable installation without trenches.

​Insightful, innovative and industrious
Continuity and quality. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That is exactly what any energy provider, network manager or building-owner needs to be able to offer its clients. Every client needs a reliable and enthusiastic partner who will look after all design, construction and maintenance requirements using up-to-date knowledge and backed up by many years of experience. All involving a staff who are insightful, innovative and industrious and who share a common goal; the best possible result. Compass can offer all this and more.


Communication is developing at a rapid pace
The need for information continues to grow and grow. Consequently, any deficiencies in communication can have disastrous effects on your business. That is why Compass ensures that it always remains at the fore-front with the newest techniques and technologies and thus able to provide its clients with tailor-made solutions, particularly in relation to fibre optics. The quality and security of your communication connections are a key consideration to us.

Complex projects, out of the box solutions
For us, quality always comes before quantity, or in other words: we care as much about your project as you do. As the specialists in complex communication networks, we are in a position to offer you innovative, made-to-measure solutions and to precisely deliver even your most complex projects.

Choose Compass and you will gain a partner in communication that

  • can ensure the trouble-free development of your project
  • thinks and works in a product-independent manner
  • looks beyond the confines of your actual needs
  • provides advice on design and construction
  • is motivated primarily by Health, Safety, Quality and Reliability

​Getting to the heart of the matter
Looking for a partner that treats every communication-infrastructure project as unique in its requirements? A partner that gets to the very heart of your project, listens carefully to your needs from the very start and has all the required expertise at its disposal? One that can deliver high levels of service, quality and continuity to your clients upon completion of the project? Compass is the ideal partner for you. Your connection, our commitment!

Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)

Both people and products are becoming increasingly mobile
What is ITS? An ITS is an Intelligent Traffic System. The amount of traffic and transport on the roads has never been greater. And this requires smart, tailor-made systems and networks for our roadways and railways. Compass is the partner you need.<br>
From design and construction to maintenance and management
Compass can offer you unique, safe and reliable state-of-the-art solutions for your ITS project. From mechanical and electronic systems to systems for dynamic traffic management. We can look after all of your requirements, from design and construction to maintenance and management.

Choose Compass and you will gain a partner in ITS that

  • can translate your requirements into one integral operating system
  • is highly experienced in project management (risk and environmental management)
  • employs only dedicated and skilled workers

​Made-to-measure, reliable and safe
Need something that exactly fits your requirements? Maximum reliability and security for your mobility systems? A dedicated partner that places quality, safety and sustainability at the forefront of your project in all its phases? Then you should choose Compass. Your connection, our commitment!

What can Compass do for you? Please contact Henri van Dommele.