Seeing the bigger picture

In a world where the quality of connections applied in Energy-, Data- and Trafficsystems has a direct consequence for economic development, the infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex.

We can no longer do without energy. Communications are the backbone of our society, and the intelligence of mobility is an important economic success factor. We at Compass get energised by achieving the best results for our customers. Our delivery of top quality work is an absolute condition for our aim towards longterm success.

Networks in locks and tunnels

Operation of lock gates, monitoring with cameras, traffic systems ... Smartly designed fiber optic and energy networks in loc...


Asset management starts with reliable data

Asset management starts with reliable data.


Connection Spijkenisse Rotterdam

The Spijkenisser-bridge is an important traffic connection betwee...


Celebrate your success!

You have to celebrate success ... and preferably with a great par...


Renovation monumental Maas tunnel

The monumental Maas tunnel (1942) is the oldest tunnel in the Net...


The world of Intelligent Traffic Systems is full of innovation

The world of Intelligent Transport Systems is full of innovation....

Traffic flow: Arriving at the destination together

The amount of traffic and transport on the roads has never been greater. And this requires smart, tailor-made systems and net...


The Uniper plant

The Uniper plant is a complex environment to work in. Compass car...


Traffic Signalling A15/A16/A38

Compass received the assignment from the Ministry of Infrastructu...

The world around us

The world around us is changing fast. Technological and economic developments demand that companies deliver a continuous high...