Seeing the bigger picture

In a world where the quality of connections applied in Energy-, Data- and Trafficsystems has a direct consequence for economic development, the infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex.

We can no longer do without energy. Communications are the backbone of our society, and the intelligence of mobility is an important economic success factor. We at Compass get energised by achieving the best results for our customers. Our delivery of top quality work is an absolute condition for our aim towards longterm success.


Colleague Ivo Versteeg ran for KiKa

Super proud of this champion! Last weekend colleague Ivo ran, cyc...

Vacancy HR Advisor

32 hours (Ipswich)


Communication on container ships

Container ships have to withstand a lot during loading and unload...

About us

Compass is the professional, dedicated partner for all your energy, communication and ITS requirements for your network and i...

Vacancy Top Talent

12 – 40 hours (Needham Market)

Connecting London

Energy connections in the centre of London. This means secure networks and future-proof smart grids using smart meters, build...


Electrical installation in architectural gem

The challenge for Compass lay in getting rid of the electrical in...


Energy has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. This means secure networks and future-proof smart grids using sma...


Faster bicycle speed thanks to sensor technology?

With the help of the Compass sensors, they measure the distortion...


Compass supports Human Power Team

Compass has recently become a proud sponsor of the Human Power Te...