Every year Compass organizes a Safety Walk together with its clients. Last week together with Rijkswaterstaat on the N11 where we worked on replacing the public lighting. Replacing public work from. Of course, these have been replaced and often the light poles have been attached. But trenches must also be dug to replace the power cables. And the new lighting has to be connected to power boxes. We then configure this to the new situation. Here we use the road and we use different types such as cranes, excavators and aerial work platforms.

From behind a desk it is quite difficult to imagine how complex such work is and what risks this entails in practice. By visiting a work together with clients, we can make the various activities and the measures that Kompas take to work as safely as possible clearly visible. In this way we not only show that we meet all the requirements, but also give the client a much better idea of ​​how we do that.

During a Safety Walk we discuss which tasks there are in the field of safety and we show how Compass deals with this. Because roadside work is so dynamic and changeable, there is not always a ready-made control measure for every safety risk. But it is precisely d that it remains so important to keep in touch.