“All clothing is selected for sustainability and circularity as much as possible. We have opted for 100% organic cotton as much as possible. Where possible, lyocell (TENCEL) has been chosen instead of polyester. Where polyester was the only option, we opted for recycled polyester.” Cynthia de Koning, HR Manager Compass

On July 2, 2021, we exchanged our old logo for the beautiful new logo you see here. Changing a logo is a lot of work. Because if you want to be visible like Compass, then the logo is everywhere. From websites to cars, from coasters to corporate clothing. You realize that you can do without some things, you can re-sticker cars. You can adapt websites, but our company clothing had to be replaced. Based on our ambitions for a better world, we wanted to make this change as sustainable and socially responsible as possible.

But how do you do that sustainably? For this, we sought cooperation with Good Future. This Dutch company sells various brands of demonstrably sustainable, organic and fairly produced corporate clothing. As a result, our company clothing is not only socially responsible and circular but also of biological origin as much as possible. Our old company clothing has been handed in and is recycled into new clothing. With this, we also support 2 beautiful charities (Muzikids and Free A Girl).

#fairworkwear #togethertowardszero