What a beautiful work on the A73 at the Roertunnel and the Swalmen Tunnel. Compass has been commissioned by the A73 Combinatie CroonWolter&dros Infra v.o.f. for the design, supply, realization, commissioning and maintenance of both the active network and the passive transmission network of the Roertunnel and Swalmen tunnel.

We went from design to delivery of Release 1 in less than 10 months! To give you an idea of what’s involved…:

The design of both the active network and the passive transmission network. The delivery of all critical components. Drawing up all preliminary, final and implementation designs of the entire transmission network. And then the realization… installing all network facilities in 38 existing outdoor cabinets, supplying and installing 42 fibre optic boxes and central tunnel channel cabinets, then supplying, installing and finalizing another 10 km fibre optic connection for the transmission network in the tunnels. And supply, install and complete another 10km fibre optic connection for the connection between Roer and Swalmentunnel. Configure all network switches. And to crown the work… Commissioning the entire new transmission network! With thanks to the A73 Combination CroonWolter&dros-Ballast Nedam infra v.o.f. for the trust placed in Compass.