Safety is 1 of Compass’ 3 core values. We set up our safety program in 2012 based on the ‘hearts and minds’ principles. The ‘I’ program, with the motto I work safely, I work at Compass. The behaviour of employees is central to this and we focus on coaching and training employees on safe behaviour. At the beginning of 2020 Compass will be certified according to the NEN Safety Ladder.

Within the construction and infrastructure sectors, attention to safety has grown considerably in recent years. And now there is the Governance Code for Safety in the Construction Industry (GCVB). From 1 January 2022, clients who have signed the GCVB will include safety awareness as an obligation in tenders and contracts. This requires that both contractors and clients are certified with the NEN Safety Ladder. This is a wonderful initiative because it creates a joint focus on safety behaviour within the sector.