Seeing the bigger picture

In a world where the quality of connections applied in Energy-, Data- and Trafficsystems has a direct consequence for economic development, the infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex.

We can no longer do without energy. Communications are the backbone of our society, and the intelligence of mobility is an important economic success factor. We at Compass get energised by achieving the best results for our customers. Our delivery of top quality work is an absolute condition for our aim towards longterm success.


Energyconnections Silvertown Tunnel

Energy has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. This ...


Fibre-optic network Princess Beatrix lock

Compass was commissioned to realise the fiber optic network for, ...

Energy connections East Anglia

Compass realises energy connections in East Anglia, England, a rural and sparsely populated area. We are the go- to specialis...


Traffic signalling A20

A flawless and safe flow of traffic. The conversion of the traffi...


New assignment traffic signalling

Both people and products are becoming increasingly mobile. This r...

Networks in locks and tunnels

Operation of lock gates, monitoring with cameras, traffic systems ... Smartly designed fiber optic and energy networks in loc...


Asset management starts with reliable data

Asset management starts with reliable data.


Connection Spijkenisse Rotterdam

The Spijkenisser-bridge is an important traffic connection betwee...


Celebrate your success!

You have to celebrate success ... and preferably with a great par...


Renovation monumental Maas tunnel

The monumental Maas tunnel (1942) is the oldest tunnel in the Net...