Compass has reached capability level 2 of the ISO 15504 (Dutch certificate). The verification process of Compass even meets capability level 3. This was shown by an assessment conducted by the independent agency SQS. This is unique for the Dutch infrastructure sector. Compass achieved this quality level by implementing the processes according to ISO 15288 for the realisation of DVM systems along the national roads in South Holland under the SOB framework agreement of the ministry of Infrastructure. The Compass project organisation thus demonstrates that it carries out complex projects in a professional, process-based manner.

All common business and project processes are described in the ISO 15288 standard. Compass has laid down the project management processes, the technical management processes and the contract processes in the quality plan for the implementation of the SOB framework agreement. This is an addition to our ISO 9001 quality management system. We are now improving our key project processes such as project planning, project management, risk management, information management, design and integration. On to capability level 3!