Compass realises P + R signs at 8 new locations along the motorway and local routes in the Rotterdam region. This project is being commissioned by the municipality of Rotterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

An important part of this successful implementation is the test process. When checking the text displays and the so-called VVX displays, which indicate the status “complete”, “free” or “closed”, the link with the traffic control center (MobiMaestro) of the municipality of Rotterdam was also tested. This took place in Swarco Futurit (Austria) in collaboration with Technolution. Subsequently, when installing the displays in the blue signs (producer AGMI Traffic & Lightning), the entire chain from traffic center to the P + R signs was tested again. During this test, use was made of the “live” environment of the traffic center. Subsequently, the foundations and masts were placed (VDL Mast Solutions), the blue signs with displays were hung up and the P + R signs were put into use.

The large number of stakeholders and cooperation partners and the coordination of the various system requirements were the challenges within this project. Good environmental management, planning and clear lines of communication ultimately led to successful system integration; from P + R sign along the road to the traffic center of the municipality of Rotterdam!