Energy has become an
indispensible part of daily life

Compass is specialist in:
> operationally secure networks
> future-proof smart grids
> state-of-the-art connections
> high- and mid-voltage

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Communication is developing
at a rapid pace

Compass is specialist in:
> made-to-measure fibre optic techniques
> outside the box solutions
> quality as opposed to quantity
> future-oriented optic design

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Both people and products are
becoming increasingly mobile

Compass is specialist in:
> dynamic traffic management
> electro-mechanical systems (E&M)
> Tunnel Technical Installation (TTI)

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C-ITS in action during TESTFEST!

4 July 2017

C-ITS in action with Road Works Warning during the first day of the C-ITS TESTFEST! Rijkswaterstaat is working – together with Germany and Austria – to introduce a number of cooperative ITS services on a so-called ‘corridor’, the route from Rotterdam, via Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven to Venlo (A16 – A58 – A2 – A67). During the TESTFEST, more than 15 international market players from the automotive industry have started with a small number of 20 test vehicles testing some (partially virtual) scenarios. At the base of the TESTFEST, the Rijkswaterstaat support point in Dordrecht, the participants tested the basic functions of ITS-G5. In the nearby Drechttunnel, it was tested virtually for the effect of losing the GPS signal on the operation of the services.

Compass is the managing contractor within the C-ITS corridor team and, among other things, ensures alignment with all parties in the chain. More information about the Cooperative ITS corridor.