Energy has become an
indispensible part of daily life

Compass is specialist in:
> operationally secure networks
> future-proof smart grids
> state-of-the-art connections
> high- and mid-voltage

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Communication is developing
at a rapid pace

Compass is specialist in:
> made-to-measure fibre optic techniques
> outside the box solutions
> quality as opposed to quantity
> future-oriented optic design

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Both people and products are
becoming increasingly mobile

Compass is specialist in:
> dynamic traffic management
> electro-mechanical systems (E&M)
> Tunnel Technical Installation (TTI)

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Putting our expertise into practice

Connections 250 City Road

The vision for the regeneration of 250 City Road, a triangular site between Angel and Old Street Stations, is to transform the 1980’s low-density business park, into a Low Energy, high density residential community of a 42 storey and a 36 storey residential tower and a series of new restaurants, shops and cafés. This regeneration, forming the residential area is not possible without the supply of electricity.

The Key Challenges on this project are installation of the new connections, through an area of contested Utility Infrastructure whilst maintaining the needs of the many stakeholders involved.

Monumental office building gets domotics

In the total renovation of an old building on the Bovenstraat, a state-of-the-art home automation system was chosen. Furthermore, the complete electrical installation, network (data), lighting, security, the control of lighting, heating, roof windows, TV screens, outdoor lighting and emergency lighting have been installed.

A large part of the existing roof construction has remained in sight after the renovation. The cable trays are also visible in the new design. This design choice of the architect requires an adapted electrical installation. The installation is constructed from the floor, which means customisation due to floor thicknesses being limited and because underfloor heating is installed.

steiger gouda

Electric columns

Compass places various electric columns on the wooden scaffolds on behalf of the township of Gouda and places water closures and new power cables from the (groups) cabinet on the quay.

Recreational boating through the Kattensingel and the Hoge Gouwe Singel will benefit from this. Electricity and water can now be reached from the water.

Monument on the Turfsingel

For various monumental buildings on the Turfsingel in Gouda, Compass provided the entire new electrical installation, including new network connections.

The age-old buildings, including a warehouse, are being completely renovated. Compass ensures that the electrical installation is not visable as much as possible, so that the building is fully operational.


Electrical Installation in National Monument

The monumental canal house in Gouda (built in 1861) will be completely renovated. Compass provides the entire new electrical installation, including new data distribution network and an alarm system. The building has a 23 meter long marble corridor in the style of Louis XIV and plastered ornamental ceilings. The challenge for Compass lies in the invisible construction of modern installations in a monumental building. For example, by removing built-in wall sockets in panelling and pipes in floor plinths without damaging the marble floor.

Compass installed 33kV Cables, Fibres, 11kV cables and LV cables, performed jointing works with UK Power Networks.

Electrical installation

Our client Van Straaten Autoschade commissioned Compass to install the electrical installation of their new business premises. Their new building initially consisted of two buildings and was merged into one large building with office and workshop/garage for car repairs.

All electrical equipment, connectors and connections in the office and in the garage, are equipped with installation work. For example energy and communication/data, connections for bridges, welding machines, electric doors, wall sockets, cable ducts, network connections, lighting, outdoor lighting connections and new group cabinets. A striking detail is the adjustable bright daylight lighting for the spray booth. Simulated daylight is of great importance for high quality spraying of vehicles.

Highway duct installation

Any London street is a complex operation of installation around services, arterial routes are far more complex, with major trunk mains, London Underground tunnels and high traffic volumes. As well as the duct installation Compass also performed Duct sealing into the development.

Compass undertook the installation of 150m of between 12 to 15 duct way installation, on Bishopsgate one of the City of London’s major Arterial roads operated by TFL. These works facilitated the connection of 100 Bishopsgate a major high-profile construction by Brookfield Multiplex. The works are in two phases, a Bishopsgate phase and a second phase on Camomile adjacent to Bishopsgate.

Compass installed 33kV Cables, Fibres, 11kV cables and LV cables, performed jointing works with UK Power Networks.


132kV Overhead Diversion Scheme Bristol

Compass were thrilled to be awarded the Principal Contractor role for a 132kV Overhead Diversion Scheme in Bristol. This scheme is the first one awarded to Compass by Western Power Distribution, the UK’s best performing Distribution Network Operator. The challenge is to divert two 132 KV overhead lines underground to allow a new housing development to be built in the Lyde Green area of Bristol. The 1600m plus cable route involves a 400m section of directional drilling beneath an environmentally sensitive area of common land.

Key stakeholders include the highways agency who need to close the M4, one of the UK’s busiest motorways to allow the overhead lines to be safely removed, the consortium of housing developers who need the diversions carried out with minimal impact on their own works, and the local residents who use the area on  a regular basis for leisurely activities. 

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A new Customer Connection 11kV, to a high profile distribution centre

A new Customer Connection 11kV, to a high profile distribution centre. The development will be the only distribution centre within the M25 with the ability to delivery “cross docked” distribution facilities. It is called Crossdox 230.

Installing a cable route causes nuisance for traffic and public. Compass’ biggest challenge on this project was stakeholder management. The public, authorities and traffic should be disrupted as little as possible. Compass made sure that clear lines of communication were in place to ensure transparency. We also looked at the route and designed it where possible to have the lowest stakeholder impact.

132kV O2 arena

Compass are providing a 132kV reinforcement to the UK Power Networks. The project is routed within the grounds of the prestigious O² Arena, which is one of London’s premier public attractions.

The major challenge to delivery of this scheme is the constant flow of people and traffic which need to be managed safely and considerately. The installation requires a trench of over 1.4m wide to be excavated in the service roads and public spaces of the arena.

We reduced disruption to the businesses and public users of the O² by carefully and regularly liaising with the stakeholders. We made ourselves aware of their needs at all times, and planned the works around them. We had to move our working areas regularly to accommodate the logistical requirements of the O², one of the busiest public event spaces in Europe.

We are proud to say that this complex scheme is being delivered on time and within budget.

Principal place, the un square mile

Compass are providing power connections for the development project known as Principal Place, the un square mile in the City of London. The project has two significant challenges. First is the geographical challenge of installing infrastructure through the boundary of two London Boroughs, in this case LB Hackney, and The City of London.

Compass’ experienced project management team have engaged positively with these key stakeholders to ensure that the required approvals are in place. This coordination is key to successfully delivering the project on time and in budget.

The second challenge is the point of entry into the Finsbury Market Substation at Clifton Street, where there are a very large number of existing live power services. Compass are very proud to have local engineering knowledge having excavated this area many times in recent years.

Light and sound

Compass installed the electrical installation on behalf of HMH for the A2 theatre. The dynamic light control via DMX is specific for the theatre world, where every production must be able to configure their lighting and sound. This enables them to create their own light concepts and scenes.

The A2 theatre is a temporary home for the Tivoli and Vredenburg theatre’s before they move to a new building, the Tivolivredenburg  music building. Compass built the technical installations consisting of CCTV, energy distribution, automation, dynamic light control, emergency lighting, data distribution networks, access control, etc. The project was finalised by testing and commissioning.


Compass completely renovated the electrical installation of the Watertower Restaurant in Heuveloord, The Netherlands. The restaurant sits on top of the old water tower at 37m high. The project included the renovation of the emergency lighting, fire detection and evacuation system, domotics, data distribution network, automation and control systems.

Compass completed the project by commissioning including testing and validation, according to planning and within budget.


The design, procurement, installation and commissioning of two 132kV circuits from a major substation, London Bridge Substation, to the new build of the Shard.

Compass delivered the project in time and on budget for the grand opening Europe’s tallest building.

DSC_3136 (Large)

The London Bridge Station, energy and fibre

Client required the installation of two 132kV power circuits, four 11kV power circuit with 2 fibres from an existing route to divert to a new route and reconnect at a later point to enable the supply of power and connections to London Bridge Station and a surrounding area. The route passed through a 200 meter long tunnel in a specifically designed formation.

To complete the project in time, within budget and safely, Compass employs extra trained specialist and uses specialized equipment.

Lightning architecture

‘Het huisje van Sluijmer’, also known as the smallest home of Utrecht city, is an architectural gem awarded with the Rietveld prize. The  steel construction provides only limited space to produce the installations. The challenge for Compass was to operate in this small space and make the installations ‘invisible’. The wiring and intercom installation are therefore integrated in the steel construction of the building.

T.Rex illuminated

For the Biodiversity centre (Naturalis in Leiden) Compass has illuminated the replicas of the ancient fossils (dinosaurs), so the public can travel back in time.

The new electrical connections used to illuminate the T. rex contain the control of the dynamic lighting concept, an energy distribution system, DMX (Digital MultipleXed) and ICT/data networks. Compass designed the electrical installation in a way that the T. rex exhibition is adjustable and transportable.


Compass replaced a circuit of 10kV medium-voltage from 10kV medium-voltage cable connection subwaystation Rhoon to rectifier pack Avelingen and the removal of the old cable. 


Installation of a 132 kV cable circuit with earthing cable and 5 associated ducts to be installed through a residential area between Barrow Grid Substation and SandgateBSP, Barrow, Cumbria.


As a result of the construction of a new railway bridge the 50kV cable Karperweg-Nieuwe Meer needed a new route. Compass has delivered the project with positive results.

064 (Large)


Compass undertook a major 132KV circuits installation between City Road Substation and Kings Cross, London. This was a critical part of the Kings Cross station redevelopment, and Compass overcame many challenges installing these EHV circuits in the congested London Streets.


The entire route runs through the city centre of Strood (substation) and Chatham and is a 100% ducted route. Part of this route is the crossing of a river at the Rochester Bridge.



A new Customer Connection 11kV, to the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Club, or ‘All England Lawn Tennis Club’.  The connection will facilitate increased power capacity to the site, to power roof movements.

The project’s biggest Challenge was a large underground culvert on Burlington Road, Horizontal directional drilling was used to facilitate the trenchless crossing of the culvert.